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Duroc Pig:

Duroc Pigs are one of the original breeds of American domestic pigs and are known as the "black angus" of pigs.  They are a popular choice for farmers due to their superior muscle quality and ability to fain weight fast.  Their meat is redder in color when compared to others and is typically more tender due to a higher pH balance.  Today, they are often used as the bse ben crossbred with other pigs.  


Iberian Pig:

The perfect combinatino between the pig breed (100% acorn-fed Iberian pig), their diet of acorns and pastrure in the freedom of the meadow, added to the Jabugo micro-climate and an aritsan production, "cared for" by the Ham Artisans, makes this 10 Vetas Iberian product unique, with an evocative smell and a flavor that is already legendary.  The best introduction is the sensory qualities they provide.  Its smell evokes a host of nuances, its taste is exquisite and lingers in the mouth.  The undisputed quality of the 10 Vetas is clearly reflected in the labels, which inform the customer of the factors that decisively influence the excellence of the product:  the breed of the pig and its diet.

Berkshire Pig:

Berkshire pigs are a rare breed of pigs originating from berkshire, England.  As a breed they are listed as vulnerable and are prized for their fattiness and tenderness.  They are mostly bred in England, US, Australia and Japan.  The Berkshire Pig is also known and sold as Kogoshima Kurobuta Pork in Japan. 


May 31, 2016

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