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Merino Lamb 

Merino lamb is genetically lean, succulent, rich in flavor, low in calories and high in protein, iron and vitamins.  The fine grain allows for meat of a delicate flavor and tender texture after cooking.  Almost all cooking mothods can be used with the different cuts including grilling, barbecuing, stir frying, pan frying, roasting and stewing.  Merino lamb is delicious when served hot or cold and lends itself to being flavored in many delightful ways.






Romney Lamb 

The meat has a unique flavor due to the sheep grazing over the natural grasses and samphire of the salt marshes.  The hardy environmental conditions cause the sheep to produce extra fat, which marbles the meat, adding to the flavor and making it moist.  The meat has a richer and sweeter flavor than meat produced from the same breed, which has been grazed on regular pastures.  The lamb is known for its delicate taste even in the older lambs.  


May 31, 2016

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